About Charles Yost

Charles Yost is a Chicago-based sculptor.  He studied in Illinois at Monmouth College and at the School of the Art Institute, receiving a BFA in sculpture. While studying at Northern Illinois University, Yost pursued many forms and materials; bronze and aluminum casting, polyester resin, fiberglass, welded steel, stainless steel, welded aluminum fabrication. He achieved both a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in sculpture. In his works, which have been displayed in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, Yost seeks to combine both geometric and organic elements—forms and shapes.  Kinetic movement in some pieces involve the viewer to set the forms in motion.

My current sculpture embodies both geometric and organic elements, forming a “georganimetric” concept. Throughout my creative life, I have been interested in observing and equating geometric, machine-like, industrial forms as they interact visually and aesthetically in functional use. In this respect, curvalinear, organic-like shapes juxtaposed with the harder edged form complimentary relationships.  Color is added where whimsy dictates; interaction between the viewer and the sculpture is important. In some cases, the viewer may actually re-arrange the design possibilities.  In other cases, a paradox is seen when the static form is set in motion by the viewer.